1. Brilliant!

  2. DW +  Favorite Scenes
  3. And speaking of John Simm…he won Rumpled’s Cbeebies bedtime story competition in the most soothing voice category.  If you click, you’ll hear him do “Oop* the Wooden Hill”.

    *As they say in Leeds [apparently]

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    But John Simm!

    I figured all the Simm-y fans would be all over it already, so…you know.

  5. The drama will also feature Lorcan Cranitch (Penny Dreadful), Robert Glenister (Spooks), Siobhan Redmond (Between The Lines), Anna Madeley (Sense & Sensibility), Dorothy Atkinson (Call The Midwife), Andrew Tiernan (The Great Fire, The Driver), Jaz Deol (Restless Dust), Hannah Walters (Whitechapel), Lydia Rose Bewley (The Inbetweeners) and Ged Simons (Downton Abbey).


    Got that?  ROBERT GLENISTER!

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Same Old Scene will always be Gene’s soundtrack…
Ashes to Ashes ~ 1.1


    Same Old Scene will always be Gene’s soundtrack…

    Ashes to Ashes ~ 1.1

  7. thewindysideofcare:

    "The play is set in a leafy south London suburb, in the year of an election. Gwen’s husband, Frank, lies ill in bed upstairs while downstairs Harriet, her daughter, is struggling with an essay on "Shakespeare’s view of the family". In the aftermath of Frank’s death we slowly realise we are being drawn into a strangely familiar story - a suburban Hamlet. In different guises here come Claudius, Gertrude, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Polonius and Ophelia. Even the players play their part."

    I suppose that Robert, much like his baby brother, gets to be the dead/dying one, but haven’t listened yet, so maybe I shouldn’t be so pessimistic…?

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    My pleasure!

  9. "Robert Glenister (who was hilarious in Noises Off) was uproarious as foul-mouthed Chief Editor Wilson Tikkel, knowing a good story by its power to give him an erection."

    Great Britain - Review at Mingled Yarns

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    jemihotaru said: Can you post a link for everybody who wants to watch the Graham Norton Show episode?


    Anybody got one?

    I just now found this and was watching when I read your post!

    The Graham Norton Show S16E01 – Denzel Washington, Peter Capaldi, Gemma Arterton. George Ezra